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Elements of Holy Cross Parish Development

We know that there are some very profound changes facing us in the Church in the United States.  Fewer clergy and religious, increasing numbers of Hispanics who are increasing here in the United States, more Hispanics coming to us from Mexico and Central America, the changing world of work are just some of the factors facing us, our children, and our Church.

This process of parish development--which is constantly evolving and growing--is intended to be flexible.  It is a process which is able to change according to the needs of each area and community.  It is a way for us to develop more lay leaders who thoroughly understand the mission, ministry, and work of the Church and who also understand and know their own local commmunities thoroughly.  It is hoped that we can develop many lay leaders who will be able to collaborate more profoundly with the members of our Province and Congregation in pastoral leadership.

This process was developed by the organizers and leaders of the Industrial Areas Foundation.  It has been used successfully in hundreds of parishes.  It has helped to increase and develop leadership.  There are a few elements which have been added to be able to highlight and develop the charisms of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

We are glad to be using this at Dolores Parish as a way to:

1.  Holy Cross Heritage

    History of Holy Cross

    Our Charisms:

    • Community
    • Collaboration
    • Option for the Poor
    • Educators in the Faith

2.  Church Teachings and Tradition

                Gaudium et Spes

                Evangelii Nuntiandi

                Reflections on Baptism, Mission of Jesus

                Ecclesia in America

                Reflections by U.S. traditions\thoughts

                                "Complex Task of the Parish"(by Msgr. Phil Murnion)

                                 Marginal Catholics: Challenge, Don’t Crush (by Msgr. Jos. Champlin)

3.  Diversity in the Church

    National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry

                    History of the Immigrant Church

                    Review 1Cor 11

                    Role of Culture in faith and liturgy

  1. Process of Leadership Development and Goal Setting
    1. Scriptural Reflections on Body of Christ, Feeling of the Multitudes, Leadership qualities in the Beatitudes, Tent of the Presence.
    2. Some doctrinal, systematic reflection (cf. Nos. 2 and 3)
    3. Situational audit, individual meetings, se inter esse, values, tentative mission statement
    4. Small group meetings
    5. Core Group reflections on the small group meets: What did we learn
    6. Parish-wide assembly to affirm the Mission Statement, Goals
    7. Pastoral council selected for training, development to see that the goals are carried out.


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