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Dolores Catholic Church


Austin, TX

 Christ the Priest: Our ministries of Prayer         Christ the Prophet: Our Ministries of Teaching

                                                    Christ the King: Our Ministries of Service

I. The Pastoral Ministries

Leadership Development Ministry

The Leadership development group is an ad-hoc collection of people try to help the entire parish to reflect on its strengths, gifts, opportunities, needs, goals and challenges. In trying to learn about these aspects of our faith community and our parish. We are also looking for more leaders. In this process, leaders are identified, trained and tested. Our hope is to sharpen the vision of the parish and to increase the number of people involved in ministries and services.

Contact:   Rev. John S. Korcsmar 385-4333

Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry assists the pastor with financial issues and reports to the parishioners on the source and use of money. The purpose of the finance ministry is to help the parish raise the funds necessary for the parish to fulfill its mission and programs, as well as maintain the physical building. The finance committee needs to be aware of the parish’s finances, its needs and opportunities. Expertise include a knowledge of the parish, willingness to work independently on specific tasks and familiarity with the simple budgeting and financial review.

Contact:  Rev. John S. Korcsmar 385-4333

  1. Christ The Priest – To Pray



    Choirs Ministry

    The choir groups purpose is to enrich the masses by praising God with song and to provide an opportunity for the parishioners to participate in mass. Between all of the masses, two Spanish and one English mass, this ministry wishes to recruit at least 30 new members among all three masses from the congregation. The amount of time is one to two hours to practice the songs that they will sing at the masses. All age groups are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this ministry.


    Allen Walther 312-0563

    John Rivera - 8:00 Mass 444-0665

    Albert Costilla - 10:00 Mass 247-8740

    Arturo Castillo - 12:00 Mass 238-4400

    Liturgical Ministry


    Proclaim the Word of God during Mass, proclaiming and listening to the scriptures at Mass assists the congregation in deepening our great love for God’s word, living his word at home and at work. On going formation and meeting attendance is required after initial training.


    Linda Johnson for English Readers 912-0877

    Cuca Duran for Spanish Readers 443-0763

    Eucharistic Ministers

    The Eucharistic minister serves the congregation by distributing Holy Communion during Mass. On going formation and meetings attendance is required after initial training.


    Yvonne Rocha 247-4659

    Joe Samaro 385-7384


    This ministry is looking for people to literally extend their hands of friendship to member of our parish to serve as a welcoming ministry at the beginning of each mass. It is always a good feeling to walk into our parish and to see smiling faces ready and willing to be friendly. This ministry welcomes all ages and is ready for your call.


    David Perez 326-4029

    Felicitas Herrera 247-3638

    Altar Servers

    The Altar Servers assist the priests during mass. Their mission is to ensure that the priests have all that they will be needing while the mass is taking place. Training and formation is required, all servers must have received their sacraments (Baptism, Reconciliation and Communion) to be able to serve as an altar server. All ages are welcomed; they must attend training sessions and are serious about meeting their commitments to this ministry.

    Contact:   Beeda Sáenz 441-4022

    Marriage Preparation Program

    This ministry prepares couples wishing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage in a way that gives the couples an experience of the Spiritual and Theological meaning with the day to day issues facing all marriages.

    Contacts:   Sister Olivia Jasso FHM 385-4333


                Albert and Jessica Costilla 247-5194

                Jimmy and Rosie Castro 472-8280


                Jesus y Antonia Moreno 385-1059

                Deacon Hector Rosales 389-2202

    Ministerio Comunidad De Base

    The Comunidad de Base ministry dedicates itself to bringing a life of prayer to the community. This group would like participants to join them in their mission of bringing prayer to the community. This group also serves breakfast for the parish on the fourth Sunday of each month. We welcome people of all ages to come in and help us build community among our parishioners by helping with breakfast once a month.

    Contacts:    Janie De Leon 385-0195

                        Marcela Arias 385-2712

    Rosary Ministry

    The mission of this ministry is to bring consolation and hope to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one through the prayer of the Rosary, reflection of Biblical readings and songs at the vigil of the deceased. This group presently has 10 members, they would like to double the number of members. There is a great need of English and Bilingual speakers. The requirements include having the basic knowledge of the Rosary and a desire to bring consolation and hope to families. These members make a commitment to say the prayers and Rosary for families whose loved ones have passed away. Additional requirements recommend that the members have received and are receiving all of their sacraments. Participants must have their transportation to the various locations.

    Contact:        Gloferia Majalca 443-0552

    Stewardship Ministry

    The work of the Stewardship ministry is to encourage and understand God’s Word on stewardship; to provide direction for utilizing peoples’ time, talent and treasure within the parish; and to enhance the support and encouragement for the stewardship lifestyle. Many volunteers are needed for subcommittee work such as phone calling, ministry guide production, ministry communication, witness scheduling, and ministry fair coordination. There are presently seven members, and we would like to at least double this number. Suggested qualities for members are: the ability to listen and to communicate with parishioners; have the ability to work with the pastor; have the willingness to pray and accept God’s word; and accept that all we have is God’s and while we are on Earth, entrusted with all of God’s gifts, we must put forth our best efforts to preserve, nourish and use these gifts.

    Contact: Stella Fabian 899-1655

  3. Christ The Prophet – To Teach



    Baptism Ministry

    This committee provides a comprehensive training and support to the parents and sponsors to assume the responsibility in the faith development of the children baptized and their families. There are presently seven instructors; many more would be welcomed! We are looking for adults who lead a life of harmony with their faith, must be dependable and are willing to serve as mentors to the people who are assuming this Christian responsibility. Additional requirements recommend that the members have received and are receiving all of their sacraments.

    Contacts:   Sister Francis Riutord 385-4333

    English:   Benny Aguilar 385-0014

    Español:  Jesus y Antonia Moreno 385-1059

    Religious Education Ministry

    In our understanding of Catechetical Ministry to be in relation to Jesus’ threefold mission of Priest, Prophet and King; we seek to encourage and foster people’s faith to become living, conscious and active through instruction in morality, values, and service encouraging this within the frame work of: 1) the teaching of Jesus and his Church, 2) The influence of God’s Spirit and 3) Parental Involvement. This ministry is looking for as many people that are willing to make a commitment to become a catechist. The amount of training includes about 30 hours throughout each year. Workshops are offered by the Diocese approximately 3 times during the year. The catechists attend a monthly meeting, provide instruction each week for at least one and half hours with a two hour preparation for each class session and assist with various activities throughout the CCD year.


    Sister Rose Moreno 385-4333

    K-5 Cindy Salinas 416-6544

    RCIA – Adults Gloria Barrera 385-9196

    RCIA – Children Lucy Walther 312-0563

    Allen Walther 312-0563


    Families are the primary source of vocations. It is the parents who provide the window to God and to the future of the church. It is to the parents that God had given the precious gifts of children and the responsibility to nurture their lives, their faith and their future. You are called and you are challenged to create a positive experience of the domestic church and to open up discussion with your children to all church vocations especially that of the Priesthood and Religious Life by forming your sons and daughters as generous servants of the Lord who calls them. This ministry is striving for 10 – 12 new members. The amount of training that will be involved is approximately 12 hours a year and one retreat. People that are wishing to become involved in this ministry must have the

    Vocation Ministry – Continued

    following expertise: 1) Genuine love for the church, 2) Have a belief in the different vocations in the church: Marriage, Priesthood, Deacons, Religious Life, and Single Life

    and 3) Have the willingness to give of their time. This ministry is appropriate for all ages from youth age to grandparents.


    Sister Rose Moreno 385-4333

    Denise López 385-8072

  5. Christ The King– To Serve
Austin Interfaith Ministry
Austin Interfaith is a grass-roots community organization dedicated to the
development of community leaders. Austin Interfaith is responsible for
Summer Youth Program, Capital IDEA (adult job-training), and ESL.
Austin Interfaith was also instrumental in getting the Montopolis Ball Fields finally
built. This organization is welcoming to new leaders. Training is suggested 3 to 4 times a year. Qualifications: willing to make a commitment to striving for a better community.
This organization is interested in working on issues that our constituents deem necessary for a better community.

Karen Gray – Adult Job Training 385-8064 

Gloria Barrera – Adult Job Training 385-9196

Stella Fabian – Summer Youth Employment 899-1655

Breakfast Ministry

This ministry’s main purpose is building a warm community spirit for the congregation and a way of facilitating a family atmosphere over breakfast. The prices are reasonable and the people are friendly. There are various ways of participating in this ministry.


Sister Olivia Jasso FHM 385-4333

Gracie Bravo 444-3772 Grupo San Francisco

Modesto Suniga 928-2152 Sagrado Corazon

Santos Monreal 385-4562 Guadalupanas

Janie De Leon 385-0195 Comunidad de Base

Marcela Arias 385-2712 Comunidad de Base

Mr. and Mrs. Lopez 385-3039 Familia López

Parish Social Ministry

This ministry serves its community by being available to provide food, funds for rent and utilities and locating employment. Special events that feed the homeless, the elderly and needy families. Our goal is to meet the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Our parish social ministry hours are from are Tuesdays through Fridays from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. We welcome those who are looking for a way to meet their Christian duty. We pick up the food supply at the Food Bank every Thursday at 10:30a.m. a driver with a truck is very much needed.


Sister Olivia Jasso FHM 385-4333

Communion to the Sick/Elderly Ministry

This ministry takes Communion to the members of the parish that are homebound. Our goal is to support them as our brothers and sisters. We bring them the Eucharist, a warm smile, news of the parish and the hope that all will be better soon. There presently are 10 members, we would like to double the size of this ministry.


Sister Frances Riutord 385-4333

Esther Moreno 385-0152

RosieLópez 385-5486

La Asociacìon De Las Guadalupanas

The Guadalupanas are dedicated to devoting themselves to "La Virgen de Guadalupe", most of their activities occur in celebrating "El Día De La Virgen" and "El Día de Las Madres". This ministry is looking for more women to help them spread the word in the devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mary by living a spiritual life with prayer and hospitality. This group is also dedicated to assisting families with coordinating gatherings after funerals of parishioners and their families in the family center; and also serve breakfast once a month for our parish. If this ministry sounds like something you would like to do, please contact them.


Mrs. Santos Monreal 385-4562

Fundraising Ministry


The Jamaica Committee coordinates the largest fundraiser for the parish. They put together all of the activities that occur at the Jamaica. The coordinators put together the planning of this event from the games, food, entertainment and music to bingo, raffle and reinado. This committee welcomes all of the support and the commitment that the community can offer. If this sounds like something that you can contribute to please contact the coordinators and they will be happy to accept your assistance.


Mary Elsa Pulido 385-5907

Knights of Columbus

Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practical Catholic men, who are at least 18 years of age. A practical Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church. For men in every walk of life the name Knights of Columbus engenders the image of a united organization, efficiently going about it tasks of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism and defense of the priesthood. It is composed of men who are giving unselfishly of their time and talents in service of God and their country. There is only one member at this time, we welcome many more.

Contact:   Gary "Frenchy" Larmay 559-2572

La Asociacìon Del Sagrado Corazon

The Grupo Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart Men) is dedicated to devoting themselves to the presentation of "El Sagrado Corazon de Jesucristo". The Sacred Heart association is looking for more men to join them in spreading the word in the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ by living a spiritual life with prayer and hospitality. This group is also dedicated serving breakfast once a month for our parish. They welcome more men to join them in this ministry. They presently have about four active members and are looking for 10 - 12 more men to join them. If this ministry sounds like something you would like to do, please contact them.

Contact:     Modesto Suniga 928-2152

Austin Interfaith

        Adult Job Training Karen Gray 385-8064

        Adult Job Training Gloria Barrera 385-9196

        Summer Youth Employment Stella Fabian 899-1655

Baptism Sister Francis Riutord 385-4333

Baptism – English Benny Aguilar 385-0014

Baptism – Spanish Mr/Mrs. J. Moreno 385-1059

Breakfast Groups Olivia Jasso 385-4333

1st Week – Grupo San Francisco Gracie Bravo 444-3772

2nd Week – Sagrado Corazon Modesto Suniga 928-2152

3rd Week – Guadalupanas Mrs. Santos Monreal 385-4562

4th Week – Comunidad de Base Janie De Leon 385-0195

Marcela Arias 385-2712

5th Week – Lopez Family Mr. & Mrs. Lopez 385-3039

Choirs - Allen Walther 312-0563

8:00 Mass John Rivera 444-0665

10:00 Mass Albert Costilla 247-5194

12:00 Mass Arturo Castillo 447-6353

Communion to the Sick/Elderly Sister Francis Riutord 385-4333

Lay Minister Contact Esther Moreno 385-0152

Comunidad De Base Janie De Leon 385-0195

Marcela Arias 385-2712

Finance Committee John S. Korcsmar 385-4333

Guadalupanas Mrs. Santos Monreal 385-4562

Jamaica Mary Elsa Pulido 385-5907

Knights Of Columbus "Frenchy" Larmay 559-2572

Leadership Development John S. Korcsmar 385-4333

Liturgy Sister Olivia Jasso 385-4333

Greeters Felicitas Herrera 247-3638

Altar Servers Beeda Sáenz 441-4022

Eucharistic Ministers Yvonne Rocha 247-4659

Joe Samaro 385-7384

Lectors Linda Johnson 912-0877

Marriage Preparation Olivia Jasso 385-4333

English Contact Mr. & Mrs. Costilla 247-5194

Spanish Contact Mr./Mrs. J. Moreno 385-1059

Parish Social Ministry Sister Olivia Jasso 385-4333

Religious Education Sister Rose Moreno 385-4333

K-5 Cindy Salinas 416-6544

RCIA – Adults Gloria Barrera 385-9196

RCIA – Children Lucy Walthers 312-0563

Rosary Gloferia Majalca 443-0552

Sagrado Corazon Modesto Suniga 928-2152

San Martin de Porres Rosie Mendoza 385-4886

Stewardship Stella Fabian 899-1655

Vocation Sister Rose Moreno 385-4333

Denise López 385-8072

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